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Statement on World AIDS Day

Statement from the CEO on World AIDS Day 2023

Dr. Barry Lavallee, CEO of Keewatinohk Inniniw Minoayawin Inc. Statement on World AIDS Day:

December 1, 2023

On this World AIDS day, Keewatinohk Inniniw Minoayawin Inc. (KIM Inc.) stands in solidarity with individuals living with HIV and AIDS, both in First Nation communities and living elsewhere throughout Manitoba. We draw inspiration from the collective efforts of activists, particularly from 2SLGBTQ+, and our First Nation groups, who tirelessly work towards raising awareness, improving access to treatment, and dismantling societal stigmas.

As we remember to honour those we have lost, it is crucial to celebrate the significant strides made in HIV prevention, treatment, and care. Early detection and advancements in medical research now empower individuals living with HIV to lead long and healthy lives.

In our commitment to support communities disproportionately affected by HIV, Keewatinohk Inniniw Minoayawin Inc., focuses its efforts through initiatives like STBBIs and harm reduction in northern Manitoba as we strive to provide meaningful support to address these challenges.

We champion community-based approaches to prevention, ensuring that individuals living with HIV have access to the essential resources, services, and support needed for a safe and healthy life. It is imperative to underscore that KIM Inc. is committed to addressing the specific needs and challenges confronted by First Nations communities in northern Manitoba.

We steadfastly affirm that nobody is excluded due to First Nation-specific racism. Our dedication involves collaborative efforts to ensure that health treatment, care and support are readily accessible to all, irrespective of where they live, their sexual orientation, colour, or any other characteristic. By fostering inclusivity and dismantling barriers, we strive to create a world where every individual, regardless of their background, can access the support they need for a healthy and fulfilling life. Together, let us forge a path towards a future where inclusiveness is the cornerstone of healthcare, and no one is left behind.

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Statement on World AIDS Day

Statement from the CEO on World AIDS Day 2023 Dr….

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